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Woman tried to smuggle drugs into bases prison inside Pringles tube

The British bases on Thursday announced the remand of a woman following the discovery of drugs and a mobile phone in a cylinder of crisps she brought for her boyfriend, on a visit to Dhekelia prison.

“An Eastern European woman was remanded in custody to the female wing of Her Majesty’s Prison in Dhekelia last week (November 16) after she was caught attempting to smuggle six grammes of crystal methamphetamine and a mobile phone to her boyfriend inside,” a statement said.

Officers said the woman had attempted to conceal the drugs inside straws placed in a Pringles crisp box alongside the mobile phone and other drug-related paraphernalia.

“This was a really good arrest from our officers who have been trained to recognise situations like this. One of our officers has recently returned from an attachment to Pentonville Prison and he was able to utilise the experience he gained there to help make this arrest,” said Chief Inspector Mustafa Kemal explaining that the officer who made the discovery became suspicious and instigated a search of the woman’s bag.

“It is no secret that drugs use inside many prisons in the UK is common place as it has been reported widely in the media and our officer was given the opportunity to see first-hand how that is dealt with by the prison system there.”

The woman may face a lengthy stretch if convicted, with her boyfriend also expected to face charges in relation to the offence.

“This is a very serious crime because smuggling a mobile phone inside a prison carries a potential seven-year sentence and we are not talking about a small amount of drugs either. This was a large quantity of meth that would have lasted the prisoner for some time so it is an extremely serious case, one that could carry a lengthy prison sentence for her and an extension to his own current sentence.” Kemal concluded.

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