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Peyia mayor: I fully support neighbourhood watch scheme

Referring to the article ‘Peyia neighbourhood watch a shadow of its original self’ (Sunday Mail, November 20), it has recently come to light that various election candidates may be attempting to mislead the residents of Peyia by reporting misleading facts to the press.

In particular, statements that the current municipality of Peyia has not been supportive of the neighbourhood watch programme are absolutely false.

I would like to address the residents of Peyia and my opposing candidates who have been spreading these misleading and false facts that I, Neophytos Akoursiotis was the first to support the formation of the neighbourhood watch scheme in Peyia. Furthermore, and with reference to the meeting held last year at the municipality of Peyia, the municipality minutes state:

“The municipality has decided to allocate financial aid to the neighbourhood police, who are responsible for the co-ordination of the members registration of the neighbourhood watch association.”

I agree with Marinos Lambrou, that it is unacceptable that Peyia should have such poor crime statistics and I support him as community liaison officer, who for the last five years has been responsible for working to improve policing so that the criminals can be caught or stopped.

I am available to all residents of Peyia, at their convenience, to discuss and clarify the above in order that the truth be known.

It is time for us to look afresh at the safety and security of all who live in Peyia and to insist upon and work with renewed cooperation from the police! Amongst others, one of my main proposals to be implemented during my next term, pending my successful re-election, is to raise the profile and impact of the Peyia neighbourhood watch scheme. I believe that it is time for all residents of our village to work together to turn around the embarrassing crime statistics and to this end, if re-elected, I plan to make security a clear priority.


Mayor of Peyia Municipality Neophytos Akoursiotis

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