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Over the limit and driving at 229kph

A MAN, who was stopped by police for driving at 229 kmh on the Nicosia Limassol highway on Saturday night, was also found to be two times over the alcohol limit.

According to the police report, when breathalysed his alcohol level was found to be at 54microgrammes, the legal limit being 22μg. He was charged and will appear in court at a later date.

In an announcement urging drivers to behave responsibly, police described some drivers as “time bombs on the roads”.

“Once again a driver was juggling with the possibilities of causing a serious road collision, the result of which would have been disastrous for him but also for other users of the roads,” the announcement said.

Police also labelled the driver as “inconsiderate”. “We must all realise that cars-‘time bombs’ and drivers who behave that way have no place on the road.”

The announcement stressed the importance of “road awareness, education and respect for other drivers, who have the right to safe movement on the roads of Cyprus”.

On Saturday night police also detained a 58-year-old man from Nicosia who had verbally abused officers after being given a ticket for riding his motorcycle without a helmet.

According to the police report, the man was stopped and booked at around 11.20pm for not wearing a helmet, but returned 20 minutes later to the same spot and shouted insults at the officers. He had also parked his motorcycle in such a way that blocked traffic.

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