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Is President Erdogan mentally unstable?

In 2014 it was reported that leading Turkish MPs and Turkish doctors were questioning the sanity of then prime minister, PM Recep Tayyip  Erdogan. Erdogan has previously been criticised for his inability to tolerate criticism.

In 2014 Aydinlik Daily quoted Dr Aytun Ciray the deputy president of Turkey’s largest opposition party CHP, commenting on the fact that Erdogan may run for the presidency as saying: “The prime minister loses his temper quite quickly and such a person cannot be president. A president who cannot control his anger can get Turkey into all sorts of troubles, considering the fact that a president is also the chief commander of the army.”

His political opponents on the street say that Erdogan has lost his marbles and is driven by an insatiable appetite for power. Ever since he moved into a lavish 1,100-room palace in Ankara  Erdogan has been accused of succumbing to an out-of-control urge for grandeur. Kurdish politician Abdullah Zeydan says the president “thinks he is a sultan.” Meral Aksener, a nationalist politician and deputy speaker of parliament, claims that former Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was telling people behind closed doors that Erdogan “is out of his mind”.

The preacher Fethullah Gulen, who is an enemy of Erdogan, and as a result living in exile in the United States, said that he is mentally ill. Gulen said this in an interview which was published by his own portal Hizmet Today. Erdogan, Gulen states, suffers from an inferiority complex and also claims that Erdogan orchestrated the coup to further his grip on power seeing shadows everywhere.

We have seen his bi-polar mentality regarding the EU. On the one hand he says ‘we will go our way and you can go your way’ and that Turkey does not want the EU. A few weeks later he is saying Turkey should be in the EU. On the Cyprus issue he is threatening annexation of northern Cyprus, questioning the Cypriot flag. The flag was designed by Turkish Cypriot art teacher İsmet Güney to embrace both communities as one and avoid the colours of Red and Blue. This is what the talks are all about, one United Cyprus for everyone.

There is no end to Erdogan’s madness. He is now threatening Greece to unleash 3000 Syrians a day. I hope the Syrian refugees understand that the EU borders are closed and they will only get as far as Greece. Erdogan has been calling for a Palestinian state labelling Israel worse than Hitler yet he denies the Kurds statehood. The Kurds are the largest stateless people on the planet numbering some 30 million. Not long ago he was criticising Putin and Netanyahu; now he is friends with them (for how long?). We can go on and on. I hope ordinary peace loving Turks take the opportunity to one day overthrow him and have him psychiatrically assessed.

The West too needs to make him “persona non grata” and stop entertaining him. His day will come sooner or later just as it did for Dictators Ghaddafi and Sadam Hussein. Turkey deserves better.


GK Georgiou, Australia

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