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You are what you eat

There is lots of baking going on, lots of cookies and Christmas chocolate logs on kitchen tables and in store windows. To be sure, there is lots to eat and a lot of enthusiasm about making what we put on our plate a little special at this time of year, but come January most of us will look at our list of things to achieve in 2017 and have healthy living right at the top.

To give us a jump start on the matter, Christina Georgiou will lead a workshop entitled From Nature in my Plate on Thursday at Utopia Collectiva in Nicosia.

Georgiou – who is an artist, yoga and meditation practitioner, and has been intensively involved in the yogic, ayurvedic and macrobiotic diet, veganism, raw food diet, permaculture and nutritional healing through food energy and the energy of colours available in our food – will show how to perceive food a little differently.

As Georgiou believes we should not waste the energy we receive from food, but rather appreciate it and use it to cope with a difficult and demanding lifestyle, her cooking methods will also help participants with their stress-levels.

This theme based workshop on nutrition aims at helping improve lifestyle through thinking of food as a driving force to living better, and also assist us to use food as a therapeutic tool and as an energy source.

In this first meeting, which is also a way to meet other people who want to follow the same track, participants will cook, eat together and experience food in a different way than they are used to.

After this introductory workshop there will be more to follow, during which Georgiou will share tips on cooking methods, how long it should take us to cook food, which ingredients work well together, how to choose a primal matter, which foods are superfoods in Cyprus, the difference between a raw food diet and cooked food, how to prepare a complete meal, what are the appropriate amounts and proportions of food in our plate according to our individual needs, spices and how we can use them, choices of food according to our mood, vegan substitutes, and the way we chew our food and drink water.

She will also talk about vegan diets and how you can make it part of your life, errors that we make in our diet, how we can make plant-based milk from nuts and multiple ways to use it in cooking, and how we can make sprouts from legumes and seeds and the multiple ways we can use them in our diet.

Speaking about the first meeting, Georgiou said “in our first workshop we will create together a complete meal – which can easily be a suggestion for your festive table – and we will talk about the way we cook, our materials and how we use them to keep them alive, the quality and quantity of our food, the proportions of ingredients in our plates based on our needs and our temperament, and much more.”

She also mentioned that the ingredients used in this series of workshops are chosen carefully and are pure, organic, without chemicals, and are ethically and naturally produced.

If you want to learn about healthy eating, register on [email protected]

Minimum donation to attend this workshop is €15.

From Nature in my Plate
Workshop to do with nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. December 22. Utopia Collectiva, 48 Collectiva, 48 Areos Street, Nicosia. 12pm-2pm. €15. Reserve place at [email protected]

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