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Mouth watering collection of seasonal chocolates

This year’s seasonal selection of unique festive chocolates includes seven mouth-watering tastes exclusive to the Platres Chocolate Workshop.

The creations range from the world’s most expensive chocolates (Italian Black truffle and honey creams or the gold embossed Piura porcellana chocolate bars), through a variety of festive alcohol-based chocolates – cherry flavoured vodka

liqueurs, brandy beans and spiced rum globes and French champagne creams – through to typical Christmas table flavoured chocolates (Christmas pudding etc) and the very special Frankincense, gold and Myrrh nativity themed chocolates. All are readily available along with the outlet’s traditional range of Cyprus chocolates!

And they are all perfect as gifts or for your own enjoyment.

The Platres Chocolate Workshop has now been producing Cyprus chocolates – chocolates with typical but unique Cyprus flavours – for more than 12 years in Pano Platres. It now owns the legal rights to this brand of chocolate.

In Pano Platres, The Platres Chocolate Workshop is still the leading and most original chocolatier in Cyprus. It is the only ‘bean to bar’ manufacturer sourcing its cacao from Peru, Cuba and Vietnam. No one else on the island has the knowledge and experience to create delightful and healthy chocolate from raw cacao beans and this, allied to the creativity of its international team, led by master chocolatier Dr John Adams, means the outlet remains the premier island chocolatier.


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