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Another way to cause an accident

I frequently use the Larnaca-Kiti road that passes Larnaca Airport which does have a magnificent view of the Salt Lake. However, it’s simply selfish and careless to stop in the middle of the road to take photos on a double yellow line where there are cars driving at 50km/hr.

Today as a passenger I was furious when we had to come to an abrupt halt as this woman suddenly stops and she begins taking photos. I also took a photo of her car and I have tried to report this to the police.

Their comment was we will send a patrol car. I explained well she is not there she has driven off after I got out and complained to her. I have her licence plate number. But tell me what will happen? If we had CCTV installed these problems would be noticed and justice taken. Innocent people could be killed. It’s not the first time this has happened I have often seen people do this at this time year and I think it’s time it be reported on.
C Mavri, via email

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