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The double danger of casinos

The European Union has recommended to all member states the declaration of smoke free areas in public places, in places of work, in public transport and other public places.

In 2013 the European Commission published a report which confirmed that all European Union Countries without exception complied with the setting of free of smoke areas, either with the introduction of new or the modification of existing legislation.

A recent European Union survey showed that the exposure to smoke in public places is being further decreased and the Commission hopes that member states will continue to enforce further measures for the limitation of smoking.

Unfortunately, Cyprus is the only country in the European Union to abolish the provision of the law for the prohibition of smoking which most unfortunately the House of Representatives voted to annul the provisions for the prohibition of smoking in the Casino Law.

This will expose staff and gamers to the many serious dangers of smoking.  Cyprus is endangering it good name as a country which applies good principals for its citizens and it is not acceptable for any reason whatsoever to endanger the health of its people, which is inexcusable.

At the same time this unfortunate legislation is a danger to our young people because it permits their entrance to the casino. The European Union has announced that it was committed to continuing work with member countries for the implementation and the enforcement of smoking bans.

Our Association expects the minister of health to react strongly to our destructive legislation. The protection of the health of the people is his duty and he has to have the courage to speak out.

We also expect that the Church will raise its voice for minors who will be exposed to serious dangers from compulsive gambling. We expect that the minister of education will speak out with courage in an effort to put an end to these two
harmful measures and we expect that the associations of parents will move to protect their children.

Sakop, the association for confronting social problems

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