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What will it take to hire a lawyer in Cyprus?

I am a Greek Cypriot living in London for 53 years. My story is that I’ve been trying over the past few years to appoint a solicitor in Cyprus that would be willing to represent me in pursuing a legal claimant against another solicitor as I believe strongly that the individual has acted not only negligently but against my own interest.

At present, I’ve spoken to over 100 solicitors in Cyprus and up to now not even one solicitor appears to be willing to take on my case against another solicitor. In my total dismay, I have sent a fax to the president of the Bar Association to complain. However, he opted not to respond to my complaint.

This organised group of solicitors in my opinion do ‘cover’ each other so that the system protects any wrongdoing against the man in the street.

I thought that only the Italian mafia covered each other up. I would have never have guessed that in my birth country Cyprus (a so called European member) I could not find a solicitor to represent me against the hypocritical legal system.

The ironic thing is that we have solicitors in Cyprus who defend the unthinkable. They defend murderers, rapists and even child molesters. However they will not (and I mean not) provide their legal services to the honest man on the street who wishes to file a claim against a Cypriot solicitor.

I feel that they are not only discriminating against me but also violating my human rights and the government has to really address this issue and proceed with any new laws required to clean up this rotten system. If I was in Turkey, Congo or even Rwanda I am confident I would be able to appoint legal representation.

I will be writing a complaint to the EU to lodge an official complaint as my human rights are being violated.

It’s shameful that most Cypriot solicitors refuses to take any legal cases against another solicitor. It’s about bloody time the leadership stop turning a blind eye and act swiftly to address this issue.

The Cypriot people deserve a better and more transparent legal system with suitable laws based on the framework of European Law.

A disgruntled Cypriot trying to bring democracy to the Republic of Cyprus a so-called EU Member state. Shame on you.

Andreas Zachariou, UK

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