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Cavusoglu says Turkey will not leave Turkish Cypriots defenceless

Mevlut Cavusogu (left) - Photo: CNA,

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Monday that Turkey would not give up its guarantees on Cyprus.

Whatever the outcome of the Geneva talks, Ankara would not leave Turkish Cypriot defenceless, he was quoted as saying by CNA. He also said the EU factor had complicated the issue.

Speaking at a conference of ambassadors in Istanbul, Cavusoglu said: “One of the reasons that so far the Cyprus issue has remained unsolved was the accession of one side to the EU without a permanent solution to the Cyprus problem”.

He added that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots had shown a sincere and serious effort for a solution and their conscience was clear.
“Our will and our constructive attitude will continue this week in Geneva,” he said, adding that they expected to see the same attitude from the Greek Cypriot side.
“This should never be forgotten. The reason peace prevails in Cyprus peace prevails is the effective guarantee ensured by Turkey. These guarantees will not be abandoned,” he said.



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