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Oncology centre for Limassol one step closer

A new oncology centre in Limassol will be built soon, now that the health ministry has reached an agreement with the Bank of Cyprus, banks sources have told the Cyprus Mail.

According to the sources, various technical details are still being discussed with the ministry.

“There are 1001 logistics to be discussed, like the price of machinery, what the connection with the existing centre in Nicosia will be, and what kind of help the patients will need, but we are very close to finalising the issues,” the source said.

No exact amount has yet been set aside for the project, as the amount depends on the needs and has not yet been calculated, but the bank expects its initial commitment will be in the region of €11 million. Not all the money will be needed right at the beginning but amounts will be supplied in stages.

The bank has committed itself to financing the bulk of the much-needed new facility while the state will also pay some of the building and equipment.

“The situation at the moment is unacceptable,” the source at the bank explained. “All cancer patients have to come to Nicosia from Limassol and Paphos. Some people leave as early as 5am from Paphos by bus to get to the centre and they might need a treatment of just 20 minutes only to have to travel back all the way after waiting for another bus.”

The new radiation and oncology centre will be located on state land near the Limassol general hospital and will cater for patients from the Limassol and Paphos areas. The three floors of the building are expected to be built and equipped within three years after plans are finalised by the bank and the ministry.

According to the timetable, the final plans should be ready by June this year and when they are approved, the project will start to be implemented.

As part of the agreement some new equipment will also be purchased for the Nicosia centre which is expected to closely cooperate with the Limassol one.

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