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Facebook page urging Anastasiades’ overthrow posted by ‘an individual working alone’

A Facebook page urging National Guard reservists to disobey the country’s political and military leadership and overthrow President Nicos Anastasiades’ government was taken down by authorities over the weekend.

The page, titled ‘Revolutionary Forces of the National Guard’, was created last Thursday when the Conference on Cyprus, an international summit where the island’s two communities, its three guarantor powers, and the European Union, got together in Geneva to start work on hammering out a new security arrangement in a federal, post-solution Cyprus.

According to daily Politis, the webpage was created by an individual who often expresses extreme views.

In it, the authors call for “Obedience to the Cypriot people – Disobedience to the Anastasiades regime”.

On Friday, the administrator wrote that “soldiers of all kinds, reservists, conscripts, and professionals, disavow their loyalty to the government forces and place their allegiance with the Cypriot people, who sees the Republic of Cyprus dissolved before its very eyes, through the political machinations committed in the city of Geneva”.

The webpage identified the ‘Revolutionary Forces of the National Guard’ as a “military movement spearheaded by reservists”.

It called for mobilisation to “overthrow the dictatorial government that is in Geneva without the people, and the introduction of a democratic regime”.

“Which is why we call, on the one hand, the backbone of the National Guard, which is the reserve force, and, on the other, the general public, for joint defence through mobilisation in various locations,” the administrator said.

“This does not mean that we will not need, as an added force, the conscripts and the professional soldiers.”

In a subsequent post, the webpage urged soldiers to disobey the National Guard’s leadership.

“Reservists, conscripts, and professional soldiers are urged to refuse to execute their units’ and the leadership’s orders,” it said.

The webpage was brought down by police over the weekend, and a defence ministry spokesperson said on Monday that the page’s creator – an individual who appears to have been acting alone – has been identified and will be prosecuted.

“All necessary measures are being taken, given the seriousness of the case,” the spokesperson said.

The defence ministry said it believed this to be an isolated incident with no further implications.

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