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Gender pay gap to close in 2029

Cyprus is ranked 12th out of 26 countries when it comes to where the gender pay gap will close most quickly, a study published by research and publishing organisation Expert Market said.

The gender pay gap between men and women across the EU currently stands at around 17 per cent although this figure varies by country with many nations making headway in closing the gap.

The gap will close most quickly in Romania, potentially as early as 2018. The fastest route to equal pay is for those who are aged 25 to 34, are employed in the private sector and have a skilled manual job in the hospitality industry.

In four countries the gap is predicted to close in 2020: in Poland, Belgium, Iceland and the Netherlands.

Those working in Cyprus will get there in 2029. This is the average year taking into account the markers full-time vs. part-time employment, public sector vs. private sector employment, age group, industry and job type.

Those working full time in Cyprus will get there in 2035. Things don’t look well for the private sector, where the year is 2049.

Chances are best for those under 25 and between 35 and 44 years old (2021) and for women working in the industry of human health and social work the goal is forecast to be reached this year.

At the bottom of the list are Portugal and Hungary, where the date is estimated at 2068. Worst scenario exists for women employed full-time in Hungary, who will finally achieve pay equality in 2248.

On the positive side, Cyprus has already closed the gap in the public sector. It is the only country to have achieved this except Luxembourg.

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