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Netflix & co. surpass DVD & Blu-Ray sales

Subscriptions to services such as Netflix, increased by 23%

Marking a major milestone in home entertainment’s shift to digital formats, video streaming subscription revenues surpassed DVD / Blu-ray sales in the United States for the first time in 2016.

While U.S. consumers spent $6.23 billion on subscriptions to services such as Netflix (up 23% from 2015), DVD and Blu-ray sales dropped 9.5 percent to $5.49 billion, according to the Digital Entertainment Group’s year-end report.
Infographic: Netflix & Co. Surpass DVD & Blu-ray Sales | Statista
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Looking at the home entertainment market as a whole, it is clear that the future of video distribution is digital.

While consumer spending on streaming subscriptions, video on demand and electronic sell-through increased in 2016, all physical formats, both sell-through and rental, suffered double-digit declines.

Digital business models now account for 56% of home entertainment spending and could soon surpass box office earnings to become the largest source of income for the entertainment industry.

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