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Police launch seatbelt campaign

The use of seatbelts, in the front and the back will be the focus of the police force’s first road safety campaign of the year, which started on Monday.

According to a police statement, the campaign is part of efforts to reduce the number of fatal traffic accidents on the island. It will run until Sunday and take place on an island-wide basis,

For the duration of the campaign special attention will be given to the use of seatbelts in the back seats too, as their use in the back is much lower than in front seats, the police said. Checks will also be made to ensure small children are in baby seats.

“The aim of the campaign is to ensure drivers put on their seatbelt as soon as they enter the vehicle to prevent and reduce the number of series and fatal injuries in traffic accidents,” the statement said.

Seatbelts are the most effective safety measure within vehicles and according to a report by the European Transport Safety Council airbags will only work to protect passengers in the case of a crash if they are wearing a seatbelt.

In fatal accidents on the island during 2015, some 54 per cent of drivers and passengers killed were not wearing seatbelts, with the figure in the five year period to 2014 coming to 66 per cent.

In the last police campaign for seatbelts police made a total of 737 reports during a week, of which 27 concerned back seat use.

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