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Rosca murder trial continues

Victim Daniela Rosca

The trial continued Tuesday of Panayiotis Alexandrou, accused of involvement in the November 1, 2015 killing of Daniela Rosca from Moldova, with the cross-examination of one of two men who identified him as being the instigator.

Plamen Pelov, who along with fellow Bulgarian Daniel Slatchev turned state witnesses following their pleading guilty to five charges including manslaughter and conspiracy, took to the stand to be grilled by defence lawyer George Georgiou.

Georgiou’s cross-examination focused on specific dates and times at which Pelov called and received calls and text messages from both Slavchev and Marios Michael, identified as the person who gave Pelov a GPS device which he planted in Rosca’s car to keep track of her whereabouts.

Pelov maintains he was instructed to enter the woman’s apartment when she was out to steal money and jewellery which Alexandrou claimed Rosca had taken from his parent’s home.

Georgiou demanded to know from the witness what was said between him and the other two during their calls and why he had so much communication, with Pelov most often responding that he did not remember and that they had discussed various issues.

When quizzed why no contact had been made with Michael between various dates before the killing Pelov replied vaguely that he might have been busy and so there was no communication between them.

Following persistent questions by Georgiou on why the witness had no telephone contact with the accused, Pelov responded that they communicated with a second phone card each of them had which was used only to talk about Rosca.

On the evening of October 31 2015, when the two Bulgarians entered Rosca’s apartment, her car was being fixed so the two did not know whether she was at home or not.

Pelov accessed the 37-year-old’s flat from the roof, entering through the bathroom window. As soon as Rosca heard the noise, she opened the front door and started shouting.

Pelov then ran to the door and punched Rosca. She fell in the stairwell. He then hoisted her over his shoulder, went into the apartment and when she resisted, threw her down. She hit her head on the coffee table, which broke, and died.

The case continues on February 1.

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