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Parents call on education ministry to postpone exam-change plans

Parents urged the education ministry on Tuesday to postpone a vote on controversial regulations providing for school exams at the end of each semester to give time for more talks on the issue.

According to an announcement by the confederation of parent associations, the vote should be postponed for three months to “give time to dialogue so that the necessary amendments to the laws in question are made.”

If not, the parents said they were planning to take “the necessary measures to ensure the interests of their children and the public schools.”

“These measures will be substantive and school closures are not ruled out if the education ministry and parliament continue to ignore the voice of organized parents,” they said.

The regulations were expected to be submitted for voting on Friday.

On January 20, pupils held a protest outside parliament, which turned violent after they started hurling stones, sticks, citrus fruit cut from nearby trees, and flares at police and reporters.

Pupils claimed that exams at the end of each semester would increase stress, especially on the seniors, as they would have to take exams each semester and also prepare for their finals.

This, they say, will not give time to seniors to properly prepare for the final exams whose results are also taken into account for university entrance.

A survey carried out by pupil organisation Psem among 13,500 pupils, showed that the majority objects to the introduction of exams at the end of each semester.

The education ministry dismissed the survey, saying its findings were not valid as some of the questions were pointless, while others were phrased in a misleading manner.

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