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Renewable power generation up 3.4% in 2016

Power production from renewable energy sources rose 3.4 per cent last year to 327,284.5 megawatt hours (MWH) compared to 2015 mainly on increased output generated by private photovoltaic systems, the energy regulator said.

Wind farms generated almost two thirds of electricity from renewable energy sources last year, increasing 2.2 per cent to 226,271.9 MWH, the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority said in a statement on its website. The output of private-owned photovoltaic systems rose 8.8 per cent to 93,330.5 MWH.

On the other hand, the output of biomass power generators and photovoltaic units installed on public building, schools and at army barracks dropped 2.1 per cent and 1.7 per cent in 2016 to 36,606,5 MWH and 1,075.5 MWH respectively, the regulator said.

The installed capacity of renewable energy sources remained unchanged in all categories except private owned photovoltaic systems, which rose by 3.3 megawatts (MW) to 53MW by December, the regulator said. The installed capacity of windfarms, biomass power generators and public photovoltaic systems was 157.5 MW, 9.7 MW and 7 MW.

The regulator published no data on the share of renewable energy generator on overall power generation. According to the Transmission System Operator, the share of renewables in overall power generation in 2015 was 8.5 per cent.

Cyprus’s national action plan provides for a 16 per cent share of renewable energy sources in power generation by 2020.

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