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Truckers return to work at Limassol port (Updated)

Lorry drivers using Limassol port returned to work on Sunday following a series of meetings on Saturday to resolve the two-week-old crisis that brought the container terminal to a standstill.

Manager of container terminal operators Eurogate, Giorgos Pouros said work began from 6am and that everything was running smoothly.

“There is no queue outside, we came across a few problems but things will improve even more,” he said, according to CNA.

With a small bit of petience, he said he was confident that in three days the port would be fully decongested, which would make loading an unloading much easier.

“The waiting time varies right now. There are waiting times of 35 minutes, one was 12 minutes, and another 24 minutes,” he said but pledged to improve further.

By noon the port had served about 550 containers and with this rate thousands could be cleared in a day, Pouros said, noting that the previous day, only 600 containers had been served by 9pm

The container terminal will remain open on Sunday until 6pm.

On Saturday the truckers agreed to give a 30-day adjustment period to Eurogate, to introduce measures to help resolve problems while a committee has been set up to monitor daily progress.

Agreeing to the proposals, lorry drivers said they would get back to work on Sunday.

Following the meetings President Nicos Anastasiades held in Limassol over the problems at the port, which led to the refusal of drivers to pick up goods in protest over delays during loading and unloading, stakeholders said they were satisfied with the decisions taken.

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