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‘No confidence’ and early election motions filed in the north

'Parliament' building in the north

The Turkish Cypriot Republican Party (CTP) submitted a motion of no confidence in the administration in the north on Thursday while the Communal Democracy Party (TDP) filed for early elections.

The two motions were made to the vice president of the ‘parliament’ since for the third time this week Turkish Cypriot parties failed to achieve quorum due to the absence of coalition government MPs from the Democratic (DP) and National Unity (UBP) parties.

The session was postponed for 24 hours.

The motion of no confidence presented by CTP will now be distributed to the MPs. The MP’s will also be informed about it during the general council meeting on Monday, if it happens.

On Tuesday, MPs will vote whether to open it to discussion.

If the majority – 26 of the 50 — says no it, will not be discussed. If accepted, a date will be set for it to be discussed in the general council and a vote will take place 24 hours after the discussion.

If it is passed by the majority, the current administration has to resign.

Observers however, say that the MPs of UBP and the independents will all vote against the motion.

The snap election motion will be conveyed to the legal and political affairs committee before it goes to the general council. If the majority votes in favour the breakaway state will got to early elections.


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