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Theocharous: Cyprus problem driven to edge of the abyss

Eleni Theocharous told people to vote for her even though she had no intention of representing them in parliament

Solidarity leader and MEP Eleni Theocharous said on Sunday the Cyprus problem had been driven to the edge of an abyss and the Greek Cypriot side was hanging from a bush, which if it broke, would lead to the depths of chaos.

Theocharous, who last year announced she planned to run in the presidential elections next year, was speaking at Solidarity’s first pancyprian party congress in Nicosia, which is to expected reaffirm her position as party leader unopposed. The remainder of senior party posts will be voted on next Sunday.

In her speech to the congress, Theocharous, according to a statement from the party, took stock of the achievements and activities of the movement, saying it “remains faithful to its founding statement to fight against corruption and cronyism, to aim for social solidarity and to improve the lives of citizens on all fronts.”

On the Cyprus issue, she said the government of Nicos Anastasiades had made “inexcusable and dangerous concessions and mistakes in the negotiations, has made commitments, has misinformed the people, the international community and particularly the EU, and has been heavily exposed.”

“They are hostages of their errors and their concessions,” she said. “Unfortunately the leaders of Akel and Disy have idealised the notion of a bizonal, bicommunal federation (BBF) to the extent that is has become and obsession for them.”

Theocharous said her party’s position was that a BBF did not free Cyprus from the yoke of Turkish occupation but makes it permanent and sets the foundation for the Turkification of the whole island “within a short time”

“The BBF is neither patriotic nor wise, nor realistic,” she said. “It is an absurd anachronism that will see the dissolution of our state and the undermining of Hellenism in the modern world.”

She said the status quo was unacceptable but the BBF held “lurking dangers” worse than the status quo. “Therefore, we must evaluate the data from the beginning and see with what policy options there are to unhook ourselves from the tragic situation in which we find ourselves.”

“Talks to achieve a Cyprus settlement must be carried out by the Cyprus Republic from a position of strength and not weakness,” she concluded.

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