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Bodyguard of murdered Ayia Napa businessman seemed ‘calm’ after shooting

Fanos Kalopsidiotis’ bodyguard Loy Dejan seemed unafraid and calm after the Ayia Napa shooting last June that killed his boss, two police officers and one of the shooters, a waiter at the Stone Garden restaurant told the court on Wednesday.

At the time of the shooting Dejan had been in the toilet.

Four individuals are accused as conspirators or accessories to the murderous attack of the Ayia Napa businessman, thought to have been carried out by two hired guns – Yani Vogli, the dead shooter, and Aleks Burelli, who fled the scene and remains at large.

They are Marios Christodoulou ‘Benis’, 39, Panayiotis Pentafkas, 38, Sofia Gregoriou, 28, and Kalopsidiotis’ bodyguard Loy Dejan, 42.

Christakis Tsangaras, who worked as a waiter at the Stone Garden at the time, said that shortly after 10pm on the night of the attack he went to Kalopsidiotis’ table to say goodnight.

Kalopsidiotis, a well-known figure in the Ayia Napa nightlife as the owner of several clubs, had been dining with riot squad Mmad officer Yiorgos Charalambous, also injured in the attack, husband and wife Ilias and Skevi Hadjiefthimiou, the police officers who were killed, and their two children.

After greeting Kalopsidiotis, Tsangaras said, he entered the restaurant to say goodbye to the owner’s wife.

He then noticed two hooded men approaching the restaurant from an adjacent restaurant, one of whom was carrying a “big gun”.

“I immediately thought something bad was about to happen, and a few seconds later I heard gunshots,” he said.

“I heard two or three individual gunshots, then many gunshots in quick succession, and I fell on the floor.”

When the shooting was over, Tsangaras said, he went outside and saw Kalopsidiotis, a man, and a woman, lying on the ground, and another individual holding his bleeding right ribcage and running towards the restaurant’s exit.

“As soon as the shooting was over, I saw Kalopsidiotis’ bodyguard Loy Dejan, and he asked me ‘what happened?’,” the witness said.

“I pointed to the dead bodies on the floor. He seemed very calm, he wasn’t afraid.”

During cross-examination, Tsangaras said the two hooded men he saw paced slowly, stopped inside the restaurant and one fired the automatic gun.

When Dejan’s lawyer submitted that the bodyguard, too, had been scared with what had just happened, Tsangaras said “I’m not saying he wasn’t – he just didn’t seem frightened”.

Next on the stand was state pathologist Sofoclis Sofocleous, who performed the post-mortems on Skevi Hadjiefthimiou and Vogli, and examined Charalambous in the hospital as he recuperated.

Charalambous, the doctor said, had sustained injuries on his arms, right knee, and chest.

Sofocleous said Hadjiefthimiou’s post-mortem showed she died of head injuries caused by a firearm.

A bullet had entered her right eye socket and exited her left temple, the state pathologist found.

Vogli, he told the court, was shot in the back and killed by a bullet that entered his lower back and exited his chest, which pierced his heart and lung.

The trial continues on Thursday.

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