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Sir Tom Jones in talks to write a musical

The music legend is in negotiations to write West End show based on his hit tracks

The 76-year-old music legend has revealed he is in negotiations about penning a West End show based on the hit tracks he has released throughout his over four-decade spanning career at the helm of the industry.

Speaking about the potential venture, ‘The Voice UK’ judge told The Sun Online: “There’s talk of doing a musical of my songs.

“I can’t tell you what it is but there is an idea, a play based on my music.”

However, the ‘Sex Bomb’ hitmaker has revealed the project is only in the “early stages”.

He continued: “It’s in the early stages, so we’ll listen and see what it is.”

The Welsh star will only allow plans to go ahead if the production will be “real” and “important”, because he doesn’t want to put his name to something for no reason.

He explained: “It will have to be good and it will have to be real, rather than just doing something for the sake of doing it. It must be important.”

And Tom has teased he has considered joining the cast members on stage and star in the production, although he has yet to come to a final decision about taking the limelight.

He said: “I might go on stage, I don’t know. Maybe.”

The vocalist, who released his debut single ‘Chills and Fever’ in 1964, is amazed he is still able to work, although he doesn’t think his voice is “as good” as it used to be.

Tom said: “My voice isn’t as good as it was but it’s still working. I’m not sure about other parts.”

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