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Drug squad officer was bribed to make cocaine possession charges disappear

A drug squad police sergeant has been given a suspended two-year jail sentence after he was found guilty of accepting more than €10,000 in kickbacks to look the other way after he arrested a man in 2012 with 1.5 kilos of cocaine.

The sergeant, Andreas Vryonis, was found guilty on nine of 26 charges. The Larnaca district court however, suspended the sentence, as it took into account as a mitigating factor a letter from the head of the drug squad who said that Vryonis was a “good officer and excellent associate”.

Vryonis was found guilty of demanding more than €10,000 from a man who was arrested in March 2012 on the Larnaca-Alethriko road with 1.5 kilos of cocaine in exchange for his help to get rid of any charges.

The court said that following investigations, €10,000 was found in Vryonis’ daughter’s bank account which the officer claimed had been transferred by her employer as a down payment for her services.  That claim was rejected by court.

In connection with the same case, the court ruled that the cocaine holder had given more than €1,000 to Vryonis’ daughter for her to do surgery and another €400 to the sergeant’s other daughter to buy a plane ticket.

A disciplinary case for the same offences is pending by the police against Vryonis, who remains suspended from duty.

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