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Exhibitions reflect Spring’s riot of colours

It’s spring, and it’s time to think colour. After a dull grey winter, the sky is finally blue again, the fields are turning green and the yellow flowers are out in force. Any time now we’re due for a shot of red as the poppies come into bloom, and it won’t be long before there are swathes of purple as the lavender begins to blossom. It’s definitely rainbow season; a real joy to behold. And it’s echoed in the island’s upcoming events – this week art exhibitions are all about colour: vibrant vermilions, dazzling golds and indigo blues as we move from the masters of the past to the spirit of the future.

In a fitting tribute to the master of colour, the Paphos Municipal Gallery is hosting an exhibition of works by the late, great Stass Paraskos. Running until the end of April, the event falls under the auspices of Pafos2017, a celebration of all that is unique about our island. A retrospective of the artist’s work from 1960 until his death in 2014, this exhibition promises to be as colourful as the painter himself: larger than life and filled with joie de vivre. Known for his exuberant personality, Stass’ typically figurative but non-naturalistic pieces are a riot of bright colours and scenes that often seem rooted in his childhood in Cyprus.

His legacy also includes the establishment and operation of the School of Fine Arts in Lemba, along with a host of works in exhibitions and galleries around the world (including the infamous Lovers and Romances at The Tate Gallery in London, an exhibition which was the subject of an obscenity trial in 1966 following a complaint by a member of the public!). The Pafos2017 exhibition, entitled Celebrating Stass and curated by Michael and Margaret Paraskos, presents works that are part of both national and international collections… An excellent chance to see pieces by, perhaps, the most colourful of past painters!

Equally bright, the Limassol-based exhibition Three Painters at Peter’s Gallery is definitely worth a visit in the coming weeks. Running until April 29, the upcoming exhibition features the talents of three current local painters – Andreas Charalambides, Dimitris Mytaras and Giorgos Stathopoulos.

All three artists have focused predominantly on portraiture for the event. Stathopoulos has produced a set of paper mounted on board works in primary colours depicting mythical scenes and legendary figures; Mytaras an array of boldly-hued acrylics on canvas showing a variety of female figures; and Charalambides a series of oils on canvas, more muted in tone but with bright splashes of blues and reds enlivening each female form.

Our final exhibition is a bit of a departure from the world of professional artistry, but probably the most colourful of them all! Billed as an exhibition designed to “raise awareness about the importance of cultural and aesthetic cultivation of the people that are involved with the arts”, this is the place to find the art of the future. Yes, this may be a children’s exhibition, but what better place to enjoy true artistic abandon and glimpse the world through the eyes of our future masters than the Exhibition of Children’s Art from the Aigaia School of Art and Design?

The exhibition showcases works by kids up to the age of 12, students of the school’s art groups and enthusiasts one and all. Running until the end of March, the event is exactly what you would expect from a bunch of talented youngsters: bold hues, bright palettes and a unique take on the world around us. For the school itself, this is the fifth annual event of its kind. Throughout the academic year, children of all ages explore the world of visual and performing arts based on “practical, interactive, creative and interesting projects” and the school dedicates itself to “the cultivation of children within their creative worlds, which are still pure and immaculate…”

From the vibrant past to the lively future, this week promises to bring more than a little colour to our lives.

Celebrating Stass
At the Pafos Municipal Gallery until April 30. For more information visit or call 26 930653
Three Painters
At Peter’s Gallery until April 29. For more information visit or call 25 384804
Children’s Exhibition 2017
By the students of the Aigaia School of Art & Design in Nicosia until March 31. For more information visit or call 22 445757

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