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Police keen to launch investigation after child found wandering in street

Police on Tuesday said that they would arrange for the man who rescued a two-and-a half-year-old toddler found wandering alone along a road in the centre of Limassol on Monday to file an official report so that they can investigate.

The toddler, a girl, was spotted by a man on Monday morning, at around 9.30am, walking by herself along the road. It later emerged that the child had found the front door of her kindergarten, located some 20 metres from where she was found, open and took off.

Speaking to Sigma TV, the man, who wished to remain anonymous said that while in his car on Monday morning he saw a small child, a girl around two-years-old walking in the street.

“I instinctively stopped the car in the middle of the street so as to stop the traffic, got out of the car and grabbed the child,” the man said. He added that the baby was not on the pavement but walking in the street.

“I noticed a kindergarten nearby and I assumed that the baby had left from there. I put her in the car, and I took her back to the kindergarten,” he said.

At the kindergarten, he said, he saw two women standing outside who he assumed were teachers there and asked them if the girl was one of their children.

“They said yes. It appears they had realised the baby was missing and had been looking for her within the grounds of the school,” he said. He added that the teachers told him that a mother had left the door open and that the baby had probably walked outside.

The man said that he was alarmed by the fact that the school did not bother to ask him who he was after showing up with one of their pupils. “No one from the kindergarten had registered my car licence plates or made further enquiries as to who I was”.

Police spokesman Andreas Angelides said that they would begin investigating the case as soon as the man files an official report. Angelides said he would contact the man and arrange for him to file the report.

“This is a very delicate issue as it concerns a small child but everything that needs to be done will be,” Angelides said.

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