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Imagination flows freely in acrylic paint

Artist Andreas D Symeou will take visitors into his games of imagination on Sunday with the opening of his solo acrylic painting exhibition in Paphos.

The exhibition, to be inaugurated at 6pm by the Mayor of Paphos Phedonas Phedonos at Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre, will showcase 55 paintings in the Games of Imagination series. As suggested by the title, these new works of art have the imagination at their core. While fantasy and the way the mind plays with it may be the focus of in this exhibition, Symeou also brings elements of his own style onto the canvas, along with the concept of being able to express yourself and your thoughts freely.

His paintings showcase a variety of themes and also play around with experimentation. The themes vary from completely abstract works to imaginary landscapes or symbolic compositions which are intended to send some humanitarian, ecological or peace-loving messages. You can expect to see a scene in the desert where an orchestra is being led by a conductor and a dancing scene where a number of partners are lost in tango. A small number of paintings present landscapes, particularly of Paphos, showcasing an exotic sunset and the Paphos sea by night with its swirling waves and its twinkling reflections in the moonlight.

Just as the themes on canvas vary, so do the tools with which the artist chose to create these images, including brushes, knifes, sponges and various everyday objects. These experimental ways of painting enabled the artist to realise the flashes of imagination that he had at that moment.

Variety is present also in the size of the paintings (from miniatures to large compositions), a fact which is also reflected in pricing. Visitors will be able to enjoy, and buy, works of art by an amateur painter, which were created with much love, care and conscientiousness.

Symeou is a retired senior officer of the Lands and Surveys Department, and is now a lecturer at the Neapolis University. Since his childhood, he has been fascinated by the act of painting. At the age of 15 he participated in a group exhibition at the Paphos Municipal Hall with three other students of the (then) First Gymnasium of Paphos. His studies, family and professional needs kept him busy and left little time for him to involve himself in his passion for painting. But this didn’t stop him from always carrying a pencil around with him, which he would use on occasion to draw portraits of relatives, colleagues and friends or landscapes and still life. He also never stopped learning about art by reading books on topics such as history and theory of art, styles and techniques.

The artist had his first solo exhibition in 1999 with landscapes in acrylic, from all over Paphos entitled Beautiful Corners of Paphos. Since this first successful first exhibition, Symeou continues to paint landscapes and different themed paintings, which he hangs in his house and which can also be found in the houses of his friends and relatives.

A reception will follow the official opening of the exhibition.

Games of Imagination
Solo painting exhibition by Andreas D. Symeou. Opens March 26 at 6pm until April 7. Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre, Paphos. Monday-Friday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-7pm. Tel: 70-002420

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