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News articles on Trump could be more balanced

We were reading Tuesday’s Cyprus Mail and we found four reports relating to or containing references to President Donald Trump.

The first report, entitled “Comey says no evidence of Trump’s wiretap claim” was factually correct.  However, it concentrated on the aspects of the congressional hearing which placed the president in a negative light and failed to address the positive aspects such as confirmation that there was no evidence whatsoever of any effects of Russian interference on the outcome of the election, and also that there was no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The second report, entitled “G20 ministers give Mnuchin space to define Trump trade agenda” begins “Wary of their first official encounter with US President Donald Trump’s blustery trade agenda” and goes on to imply comparisons between President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin which again place the former in a negative light.

The third report, entitled “Europe needs change and support from Trump” deals, inter alia, with the visit to the US by Angela Merkel and is by far the worst of the three reports read so far, in terms of its negative portrayal of the president.  It describes President Trump as being a “man for the moment: his loves of today are his betrayals of tomorrow” and refers to his having “flattered” Theresa May with “lashings of special relationships patter” and then “casually roped in” GCHQ as the means by which Obama tapped Trump’s phone calls.

This is offensive, not only to President Trump (there being no reason to assume that his welcoming of Theresa May was anything other than genuine), but also to the British Prime Minister by implying that she would be vulnerable to gratuitous flattery of the nature implied.  The GCHQ allegation did not emanate from President Trump, but was (as the writer witnessed) made by Judge Napolitano speaking on Fox News, when he commented that the information had come from a former CIA analyst.  Fox News is then described as the “right-wing channel” which, in the context of the report, can only be interpreted as a negative comment regarding a network which has demonstrated itself to be the only friend of President Trump amongst a collection of rabid left wing media outlets such as CNN, NBC, the New York Times, etc. etc.

The fourth report, entitled “Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings, records show”, is a desperate attempt to imply an unsavoury connection between President Trump and Russia.  It correctly quotes President Trump as saying “I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia” and “I have no loans in Russia.  I don’t have any deals in Russia.”   The report then embarks on a two-page spread of rhetoric about Russians purchasing property in Trump real estate developments with the thinly veiled message that this was evidence of an unsavoury Russian connection with President Trump.  It is a bit rich for the Cyprus Mail to portray such investment in a negative manner when the Island has such a huge number of Russian investors.  Quite clearly, wealthy Russians will always want to invest in top quality real estate and why should any real estate developer not encourage such investment?

We are heartily sick and tired of reading the same old leftist negative commentary about President Trump.  It is an insult to the American people who have elected him President.  Whilst we appreciate that the Cyprus Mail is not the author of the above reports,  and that they are taken directly from Reuters (a news agency which we understand, like most big media outlets, had contributed to the Clinton campaign), please can you consider examining reports of this nature before publication and editing them so as to provide a more balanced view.

Hugh and Lynn Lloyd-Jones

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