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Court urges progress in mayor recount case

Limassol mayor Nicos Nicolaides

The court hearing the application for a recount of the votes in the Limassol mayoral election last December urged parties on Wednesday to try and expedite the procedure, which has not dealt with anything substantive so far.

On Wednesday, the state objected to a request by the applicants to be handed documents relating to the electoral procedure. The lawyer of mayor Nicos Nicolaides also objected.

The court adjourned for March 31 after the state requested a continuance because of another case.

It urged the sides however to expedite the procedure, which must be finished by the first week of May.

By law, electoral recounts must have been concluded within three months after the motion has been filed.

The recount motion was filed on February 7, meaning that if the recount is given the green light, a final result must be issued by May 7.

The application was filed after Nicolaides beat incumbent Andreas Christou by nine votes.

Akel and others supporting the recount motion argued that there was no uniformity on the criteria applied by the over 100 polling station supervisors regarding null votes.

They claimed there was evidence pointing to a number of ballots ticked for Christou being erroneously marked as void.

In other cases, they said, ballots which should have been marked as void were instead counted for Nicolaides. The plaintiffs stressed they were not implying there was malice.

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