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Money transport vehicle robbed in Limassol (update 3)


Three men robbed a cash transport vehicle in Limassol on Monday, reportedly getting away with over €100,000.

One of the security guards was injured in the incident after suffering a blow to the head.

The cash belonged to a supermarket in Ypsonas and it was collected by the company at around 11am to transport to the bank.

Two of the robbers attacked the members of the security company in the parking lot, snatching the money and returning to an awaiting vehicle driven by a third suspect.

Reports said two of the robbers were armed with pistols and the third with a baton, which he used to hit the security guard before snatching the bag containing the cash.

The footage of the surveillance cameras located in the supermarket’s parking lot, shows the getaway car driver getting out of the car and wielding a pistol to cover the two others that were running back to the vehicle with the money.

The robbers fled in a white car that was set on fire not very far from the scene.

The car had been reported stolen in Paphos, but apparently its registration plates were also stolen as police found that they belonged to a vehicle registered to a Limassol resident.

Investigators were hoping that a pistol round dropped at the scene when one of the perpetrators cocked his weapon would help them break the case.

According to state broadcaster Cybc, police investigators are looking for two large motorcycles – one black, one green –  which the robbers used to leave the place where they had set the getaway car on fire, near the church of Ayios Savvas in Ypsonas. The information was given to the police by area residents who also told police, Cybc reported, that in the car was only the driver. The other two arrived on motorcycles and picked him up and left after setting the car on fire.

One of the witnesses told CyBC that she came across the getaway car with the suspects on her way into the supermarket’s parking lot, as they were leaving and had even blocked her way.

She said that in the car there were two men and that she had seen a third person getting off the car and running toward a motorcycle, which he got on and rode away. She said that at that point she had no idea what had happened.

The security guard that was hit, was not severely injured, police said. He was taken to hospital where he had his wounds treated and discharged.






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