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Recommended Easter price list


The commerce ministry’s Consumer Protection Service on Tuesday released its latest pricewatch on foodstuffs – meats and pastries – widely consumed during the Easter holidays.

Local lamb cutlets (per kg) range from €5.29 to €10 per kg, with an average price of €7.76; and whole local lamb (per kg) from €5.29 to €9.50, with an average price of €7.33.

Pork (per kg) goes for €3.29 to €6, averaging at €4.87; pork chops (per kg) from €2.89 to €6, averaging at €4.65; and beef top-side (per kg) from €6.95 to €12.5, averaging at €9.67.

Ground beef ranges from €5.25 to €12 per kg, whole chicken from €1.95 to €5.50 per kg, and raw chicken breast fillet from €5.75 to €10.5 per kg.

Pork chop fillets are selling from €2.89 to €6.

The data on meat prices is derived from a survey of 104 large supermarkets and butcher shops in the Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Famagusta districts.

Flaounes, the popular Easter pastry, go for €7.80 to €14.95 per kg. Flaounes with raisins are selling for €7.80 to €14.95 per kg.

The data on pastry prices is derived from a survey of 77 supermarkets and bakeries across the island.

The Consumer Protection Service urged the public to shop around for the best prices.


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