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Youths chop down 12 trees in Pedieos for Easter bonfire


Lakatamia Municipality on Wednesday censured youths who apparently cut down 12 trees that were 11 years old to use them as Easter bonfire fuel.

The local authority said the trees, which lined the Pedieos riverbank were eight to 10 metres tall.

The incident was reported to the police.

In a recent announcement, the municipality had said that the collection of wood and other material for Easter bonfires was out of control.

“The current situation is not consistent with our country’s customs and traditions,” the municipality said.

Its aim, it said, was not to scrap the custom but protect residents and their properties.

It is not the first time that authorities report the felling of trees for this purpose.

Though banned by law, burning a bonfire on Saturday is a longstanding Easter tradition in Cyprus but in recent years youths from rival parishes or neighbourhoods compete in building the largest one.

Oftentimes they also raid each other’s stash, sometimes setting it alight to destroy the competition.

Apart from trees, the youths use pieces of wood that might be varnished or painted, discharging harmful emissions into the immediate environment.

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