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Nicosia taking part in May’s European cycling challenge

The Nicosia municipality on Friday announced its participation in the European Cycling Challenge (ECC) 2017, a competition for European cities, which takes place every year between May 1-31 but has a way to go to catch up, coming in 38th out of 52 cities last year.

The ECC is the biggest cycling event across Europe. The idea is to encourage people to use their bikes as much as possible. It’s about everyday cycling for everyone. All cycling is permitted with the exception of sporting and training events.
According to the municipality’s announcement, the Cycling Challenge recommends a new approach to mobility, and promotes the reduction in car use.
The winning city will be the one which will travel the most kilometres (City Leaderboard), while a special award will be given to the first three cities that will travel the most distance, in relation with their population (Best Cycling City).

It is noted that the use of bicycle for sporting won’t win any marks for the city. Any route will be countable only if the average speed is less than 30 km/h and the maximum speed does not exceed 45 km/h.
Last year, 52 cities joined the Challenge. Over 46,000 people cycled four million kilometres (4,000,000 km) during the month of May.  Nicosia collaborated with the Cyprus Cycling Federation and Cycling Clubs of the city and achieved 38th place in the final City Leaderboard rankings, among 52 cities that participated. The first in both categories was the city of Gdansk (Poland).
To sign up for the challenge, visit and choose “Nicosia City Region”, then download the official app, Naviki. On the app (or webpage), go to Leaderboards (cup icon) and choose any other group information (e.g. individual College or Workplace). Record your journeys throughout the month of May. You can also use data from Strava or other route trackers or, trips can also be manually logged.


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