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One third of citizenships in 2015 granted to Russians

Cyprus granted citizenship to 3,322 people in 2015, of which 34.3 per cent were of Russian origin, 8.8 per cent were from the UK and 8.0 per cent were from Greece, according to data released on Friday by Eurostat.

When compared with the total resident population of each member state, the highest numbers of citizenship granted per 1,000 resident population were recorded in Luxembourg (5.6),  Sweden (5.0), and Cyprus (3.9).  The average at EU level was 1.7 citizenships granted per 1,000 inhabitants.
In 2015, some 840,000 people acquired EU citizenship, compared with 890,000 in 2014 and 980,000 in 2013.

Since 2010, more than five million people received the nationality of an EU Member State. Of the total number of people who acquired the citizenship of one of the EU Member States in 2015, some 87 per cent were citizens from outside the EU.
According to Eurostat, the largest group acquiring citizenship of an EU Member State in 2015 were citizens of Morocco (86,100 persons, of whom 88 per cent acquired citizenship from Italy, Spain or France), ahead of citizens of Albania 48,400, some 96 per cent of whom acquired citizenship from Italy or Greece).

The same year, 35 000, Turks received citizenship in EU countries, 56 per cent in Germany.

Around 30,000 people from India secured British citizenship and 28,000 Romanians acquired Italian citizenship. Over 26,000 Pakistani nationals acquired British citizenship, and 22,000 Algerians acquired French citizenship.

One in every five persons who acquired EU citizenship in 2015 became citizens of Italy (178,000 persons, or 21 per cent of all citizenships granted in the EU in 2015.  This was followed by the United Kingdom – 118,000 or 14 per cent -, Spain 114,400 or 14 per cent, France 113,600 or 14 per cent and Germany 110,100 or 13 per cent.

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