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Life coach dares to begin again

We are, claims author and life coach Despina Nicola, the product of our choices – which is pretty hard-hitting stuff for anyone who’s overwhelmed and looking for someone to blame. But then Dare To Begin: The Process of Healing is no ordinary self-help book, and it’s author no ordinary woman…

Having survived a horrific marriage, repatriation to Cyprus, and the struggle to raise her two daughters all while maintaining a business and attending university, New-Zealand born Despina is well-qualified to write about just what it takes to turn around an out-of-control existence.

Focusing on an exploration of the victim response and how it “leaves you in pieces”, Dare To Begin is a highly practical guide to picking up what’s left and starting over – but this time in a healthy way. Dealing with relationships, work, family and wellbeing, the author draws on her own hardships to guide the reader through a clearly defined step-by-step transformation plan of healing and enlightenment… With, according to fans of the book, great success! “Despina’s personal touches and inspirational quotes were an invaluable tool to overcoming my struggles,” says one happy reviewer, who found the text “Thought-provoking and very well written.”

Bound to resonate with local audiences – so many of whom have found themselves in a similar situation – Dare To Begin is 132 pages of no-nonsense self-help wisdom from someone who knows exactly how rock bottom feels – and just how to rise again. “Happily Ever After,” runs the tagline, “starts here….”

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