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Dear Inland Revenue

I have just completed my income tax for 2016. I would just like to point out that your requirement in recent years for taxpayers to calculate their own refund/repayment effing sucks. Apparently I’m told in the cases where someone calculates that they owe you money, it’s taken out of their bank accounts straight away and then if their calculation turns out to be wrong, they get the money back… eventually. Ditto on the ‘eventually’ if workers calculate that you owe them money back. I’m still waiting for the refunds I calculated for the past two years. What? My calculations were wrong? Ok, then why do I have to calculate it at all. It’s your bloody job to do that and my job is to give you the info you need to do that. Are you going to just accept the refund amount I’ve calculated? Yeah, right. End the nonsense. It’s not my job to do your job.  We pay you do that because we’re too busy actually working to have to deal with this BS.

Antonis Symeonides, Limassol

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