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Witness to Napa killings thought shots were firecrackers

Two witnesses in the ongoing trial into the June 23, 2016 shootout at an Ayia Napa restaurant, where four people died, gave on Monday more details about what they witnessed on the night.

Katya Bolyukova, who works at an Ayia Napa bar, told the court she was passing in her car outside the Stone Garden restaurant at the time when she heard three loud crackling sounds, which she mistook for firecrackers.

Moments later she heard three loud bangs, back to back, and realised it was gunfire. She then saw, at a distance of about five metres outside the restaurant, a man wearing a hood and grey overalls walk toward the entrance of the restaurant and fire a volley with a machine gun.

Further inside the restaurant, she spotted another man with a hood but could not see if he was holding a weapon.

At one point she saw a young man pick up a chair to try and strike the man with the machine gun.

Next taking the stand for the prosecution was police constable Demetris Costa who serves at the Ayia Napa police station.

On the night of the crime, Costa said, shortly after 10 pm the station received an anonymous call telling them that the Stone Garden was being shot up.

Costa and his colleagues collected their weapons and travelled to the scene. There Costa saw one wounded person inside the ambulance of a private clinic, as well as a second wounded person being carried on a stretcher to be placed inside another ambulance, again of a private clinic.

Walking up to the restaurant’s entrance, Costa saw a woman lying on her back on the ground and two men lying face-down and inside pools of blood among the tables.

He also saw a person with a hood lying face-down on the ground, with a pistol next to him.

It is understood that the hooded man he was referring to was Yani Vogli, one of the two Albanian shooters who was killed in the gunfire.

The second shooter, Aleks Burelli, is still at large.

According to constable Costa, he then saw Loy Dejan standing above two persons lying on the ground.

Costa said he asked Dejan to step outside the restaurant, which he did.

Dejan was one of the bodyguards of businessman and suspected underworld figure, Phanos Kalopsidiotis, the target of the hit.

He is one of two remaining defendants in the trial.

According to Costa, Dejan appeared calm.

Next, Costa said that an ambulance from Famagusta general hospital arrived on the scene. He asked the ambulance staff to check the victims to determine whether they were still alive.

The witness was then shown a photograph taken from the scene, and described how the ambulance staff turned over a man who was lying face-down and removed his hood.

The trial continues.


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