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A day full of learning on Saturday for all

As we live we never stop learning. There are three events on Saturday that invite us to continue learning, get creative and – perhaps – see the world in a whole new way.

Two of these events will prove that mathematics can be found in all aspects of life, even in the places we least expect it.

The first concerns the 5,000-year old Indian body of knowledge that brings together individual consciousness or the soul with the universal consciousness of spirit and maths. Under the name Pure Play and Maths, yoga teacher Nikol Ioannidou and educator Maria Paulopoulou will run a seminar suitable for parents and educators.

The seminar, which will run at Theatro Ena in Nicosia, will show participants how to combine yoga and play by using everyday objects as tools to further the active perception and emotional intelligence of our children and students from 10am until 1pm and then from 2.30pm until 5.30pm.

More specifically Ioannidou and Paulopoulou will help participants explore how we can use our body to understand logical concepts, how we can get in touch with a creative environment, how we can really combine everyday objects – like chairs and tables – to help children use their knowledge for functional purposes, and also how we can use simple techniques to express ourselves.

The second event, which will run at Gruppo Casa in Nicosia at 7pm, is an artistic proposal by artist and academic at the University of Nicosia Maria Chrisfororou under the name Tangram: The Link Between Mathematics and Art.

The event, which will include an interactive workshop along with interesting visual and digital interventions, will deal with the correlation of mathematics and art as inspired by Tangram’s philosophy (a dissection puzzle). It will focus mainly on geometry and the geometric shapes that are essentially between us.

Even though mathematics and art rely on two different themes, they are not really that different. Mathematics and art mainly find common ground when it comes to their shared philosophy, which is the depiction of the abstract or realistic reality of which we are all part.

Christoforou explains that “we can argue that mathematics and art are two examples of human consciousness, that is, the human perception process, to understand reality. The artist, as well as the mathematician, participates in the human need and understanding of the world. In conclusion, an artistic creation/artwork seems to be realistic or abstract in a mathematical construction.”

During the event the artist will invite visitors to share in an artistic and creative experience with Tangram, this ancient and unique Chinese puzzle consisting of seven geometric pieces: one square, one parallelogram and five triangles (two large, two small and one medium sized). The relationship between the shapes is such that, by following some rules, it allows them to fit precisely and create different shapes. This puzzle creates beautiful artworks while also following rules of mathematics.

The third event of the day is a creative writing workshop for children that will run at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation in the capital.

The free workshop for children from eight to 12-years-old, will teach children different methods of developing creative thinking through written speech. The children, who will be helped by writer and creative writing teacher Stavros Lambrakis, will use their imagination to interpret the exhibits in the Rooms to Contemplate: Content and Perspective of a Collection art exhibition currently running at the foundation, to write their own unique stories.

Pure Play and Math
Yoga seminar for parents and educators. May 27. Theatre Ena, Nicosia. 10am-1pm and 2.30pm-5.30pm. €20. In Greek. Tel: 22-348203

Tangram, The Link Between Mathematics and Art
Interactive workshop and digital interventions by Maria Christoforou. May 27. Gruppo Casa, 29 Pigmalionos and Perikleous Street, Nicosia. 7pm. Free. In Greek. Tel: 99-415511

Creative Writing Workshop for Children
Workshop for children 8-12 to show them different methods of developing a story. May 27. Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia. 10.30am and 12.30pm. Free. Tel: 22-128182

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