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The real inconvenient truth

Donald Trump justifiably has many detractors. His tweeting, his unpresidential demeanour at times and his gullibility in rising to the bait of his critics when he should simply ignore them. But he has at least begun the winding down of the biggest scam since the founding of the US Federal Reserve.

The scam began like this– Al Gore and Goldman Sachs got together and used one of the oldest tricks known to Man.

In ancient times the village headman, witch doctor or shaman would see a natural event like a hurricane and say: “We have offended the Gods. To avoid further troubles sacrifices must be made” The gullible love this as do tree huggers as it fits in with their Earth Mother mindset. Politicians love it because they have an excuse to raise more taxes. Climate scientists love it because they become more important despite their lamentable forecasting record.

And of course, the perpetrators love it because they can make lots of money. Goldman’s put a VP alongside Gore. He subsequently resigned and joined Gore in investment in carbon reducing industries, backed by Goldman’s of course. They are both now billionaires and the fat fraud astonishingly has one of the highest personal carbon footprints on the planet.

If you want to understand why there is (very gentle) warming taking place, it’s not anthropogenic. It is the sun’s natural cycle. We are rising from the Maunder Minimum cold period, which followed the Lesser Climatic Optimum, when temperatures were higher than now, in about 1,000 AD.

Geoffrey Evans, Paphos

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