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This could be the right formula

I refer to the recent article of Christos Panayiotides entitled “Navigating a rotating presidency” the contents of which I fully endorse.

The political groups represented are different from national parties as they consist of members from several different parties from several member states. Working together in groups benefits national European political parties. They have more power by working together in the than they would have as stand-alone parties, bringing their causes much-needed additional support. Further incentives for co-operating in groups include financial subsidies from the Parliament and guaranteed seats on committees which are not afforded to Independent MEPs.

This could be the right formula, as suggested by Christos Panayiotides, for plotting the correct course on the navigational chart of Europe so that our ship sails prosperously and safely in the world’s seas. I am convinced that the vast majority of Cypriots, of both Greek, Turkish or other origin are committed to the idea of a united EU. The time has come to depart from old fashioned chauvinistic values and look at the bigger picture: A united Europe within which Cyprus can prosper and be safe !

The Captain and his First Mate will be loyal to the same Navy and will follow directions from the same Admiral promoting the interest of such Navy, the EU, and our ship.

Christos Mitsides, via email

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