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Unions give co-op ten-day warning on possible strike action

THREE unions have been given the go-ahead by members to take measures against the Co-operative network over the bank board’s “non-constructive stance”, it emerged on Wednesday.

Sek, Peo and Pasydy said this was a ten- day warning to the bank, which they are required to give and hoped the board would take steps which would pre-empt unions from having to take any measures.

Unions want a single collective agreement and flat rate payments however the bank’s board has not been particularly constructive in finding a solution, Sek general secretary Elisseos Mihail told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA).

With a 97 per cent majority vote, Sek members voted in favour of giving the union green light in taking measures against the co-op, which have yet to be announced.

 “When the 10 days (of warning) are up we will be forced to take measures,” it said.

According to Mihail, the agreement provided there would be dialogue for a collective agreement and flat rate salary in the co-operative network. 

Since 93 companies which were part of the co-op network merged, several employees do the same work but receive different salaries, he said.

Sek, Peo and Pasydy do not believe there were concrete proposals coming from co-op’s board and neither did the government find a middle ground solution, CNA reported. The decision to take measures came from all three unions. 

The move comes a day after bank employees’ union Etyk announced their aim of wanting a single collective employment agreement across the banking sector.

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