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doctor arrested over illegal supply of prescription drug

Drug production


Police on Monday afternoon arrested a 69-year-old doctor who was wanted in connection with the illegal supply of a prescription drug in Paphos.

The doctor, who works at a private clinic, gave himself up at a police station at 2.30pm.

Two persons who had been arrested on Friday and remanded for two days in connection with the case were charged and released on Sunday, to appear in court at a later date.

All three are facing charges of conspiracy to commit a felony and misdemeanour, as well as forgery and circulation of a forged document.

The two arrested earlier are a 59-year-old pharmacist and a 27-year-old man to whom the pharmacist supplied the prescription medication.

The young man’s mother had reported the incident to police on June 15, and her son and the pharmacist were arrested the next day.

The pharmacist presented a prescription for 112 pills in the man’s name signed by the 69-year-old doctor.

But under questioning the 27-year-old told police that he had never visited the doctor in question.

According to reports, over the weekend police had communicated with the doctor letting him know he was wanted for questioning.

The doctor said he was not in Paphos at the time but would visit the police once he returned. Later, on Saturday, his lawyer got in touch with police assuring them his client would surrender himself.

The prescription medication in question is understood to be oxycodone, a semi-synthetic opiate drug.

Used to treat moderate to severe pain, oxycodone can cause serious addiction.

Prescribing the drug requires permission from the health ministry.

Initially the case was pursued by the Drug Squad, but it has since been taken over by Paphos CID due to the suspicion of document forgery and circulation relating to the prescription and the doctor’s signature on it.

Police are investigating by taking statements from family and friends of the suspects and the doctor is being questioned.


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