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Brace for heatwave conditions, high risk of fires

Old people are urged to stay indoors and drink liquids

RESIDENTS of the inland will experience heatwave conditions as a gradual temperature rise, combined with a lack of wind, will dominate the weather patterns for the beginning of next week, the met office said on Friday.

The forestry department also warned of a high risk of fires and urged campers to be vigilant.

According to the met office, a gradual temperature rise is expected over the weekend which will reach 39 degrees Celsius on Monday and Tuesday, four degrees higher than the seasonal average. Temperatures during the weekend are expected to rise to 37C and 38C, inland, a degree higher than Friday, the met office said. It added that this temperature increase will create conditions experienced in a heatwave.

As of Wednesday, temperatures are expected to drop by one or two degrees, while for the rest of the month, the met office expects that temperatures will average around 38C inland.

These temperature fluctuations however, are expected to affect only the inland.

Temperatures in coastal areas are expected to remain at the same levels, between 30C and 33C.

The health ministry issued advice on Friday to help members of the public cope with the high temperatures. It urged avoiding unnecessary sun exposure and heavy physical activities, dress lightly and wear hats and sunglasses.

The public is also urged to drink plenty of water and avoid consuming alcoholic beverages, coffee, spices and rich food.

“Particular attention should be paid to vulnerable groups such as infants, the elderly and pregnant women. If there is a new-born at home, it is best to dress it lightly. Ask the paediatrician for instructions on taking fluids,” the ministry said, adding that people with chronic health problems should also seek advice from their doctors.

The forestry department too, issued an appeal on Friday urging the public to avoid actions that could cause fire, as there is increased risk due to high temperatures.

The department said in an announcement that burning weeds, debris and waste is strictly prohibited, while the outdoor use of tools or agricultural machinery producing sparks or flames, such as with blades or in welding, should be avoided. If the use of such equipment is necessary, the announcement said, all measures should be taken and the nearest forestry or fire station should be notified.

The forestry department also called on excursionists to avoid throwing matches and cigarette butts while in the countryside and that lighting a fire for barbecues is allowed only in the designated areas within organised picnic areas.

To report a fire call 1407 or 112.

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