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Open call for dancers

By Emmelia Georgiou

An open call is now on for dancers to take part in the world premiere of the performance The Tortoise and the Spider, which will take place on July 20 at Sikelianos Amphitheatre at Delphi following a round of workshops.

The Tortoise and the Spider is a co-production by Ros Bandt and the Milena Principle, which organises a variety of artistic and cultural events. The Milena Principle’s aim is to build a network of international partners in more than 15 countries so if you are picked to be part of this production you will also become attached to this network and things may begin to start dancing off the stage for you.
If you are a student or professional dancer, a performer, a movement or butoh artist, then this is an experience that you clearly do not want to miss.

The Tortoise and the Spider is about the metamorphosis of an ancient Greek lyre into a giant illuminated harp. The harp will be constructed by the dancers participating in the event, and its sound – which will be enhanced by a specially composed soundscape for the performance – will swirl in the night air.

It is a slow movement performance in which the dancers must work closely together to manifest a giant, illuminated spider harp which can be played and moved around by performers connected with strings. A new sound composition will be played with attached portable speakers.

The human harp will be created by eight movement artists joined to each other by a string, which they will also be playing. The sound of the harp will reach the ears of each audience member, while also resonating around the ancient amphitheatre.

As for the music, it will be created by Australian composers Bandt and sound artist and musician Jon Drummond.

Other artists already involved in the project are Katerina Drakopoulou, a performer and butoh dancer from Greece, Stefan van Biesen, a Belgian artist and movement practitioner and Geert Vermeire, from Belgium, a performance artist.

An illuminated wooden carapace (which will represent the upper shell of the tortoise) of Apollo’s ancient Greek lyre becomes the object of metamorphosis and will morph into the back of the spider. Once the spider begins to take form, the artists will take turns attaching long filament spider legs to the instrument. Now the spider will take form, it will be able to be played and manipulated by each of the performers.

As a group, the dancers will perform the spider music which will be accompanied by the stellar electronic sounds through portable speakers.

The performance will not only be able to be enjoyed by audience members physically located in Delphi, it will instantly travel to Europe via a live web stream.

This is a fantastic opportunity for any artist who is willing to gain or enhance their group and collaboration skills. And it will also be great for your CV, as you will be fully credited in the video of this world premiere in Delphi.

Accommodation for the performers will be free in Amfissa, within the Delphi municipality, for up to four nights of the workshop, rehearsals and performance. Workshops and rehearsals will take place from July 18-20.

Applications with name, birthdate, email, short biography/CV to be sent to themilenaprinci[email protected] as soon as possible. Answer follows within the week.

Dance Open Call
Open call for dancers to participate in the world premiere of The Tortoise and the Spider in Greece on July 20. Send details to [email protected]

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