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Weekend fires all brought under control

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The fire in the Kapouti area near Morphou which started at 12.30pm on Sunday and burnt 450 hectares of land, mainly forest, was extinguished by evening.

Firefighters on the ground in the north were helped by two helicopters from the British bases which stayed until the fire was put out five to six hours after it broke out in a forest picnic site.

According to a spokesman at the bases no aircraft from Turkey arrived to contain the fire which was fuelled by strong winds.

Turkish Cypriot spokesman Baris Barcu thanked the Greek Cypriot government for its offer of help, saying that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci was informed on Sunday afternoon in Switzerland that attempts to extinguish the fire by fire trucks and helicopters were sufficient and no additional support was needed.

The fire burnt an area of mainly olive and pine trees.

Another fire broke out around 7pm on Sunday in the Kambia area near the Theotokos monastery but it was brought under control half an hour later.

An announcement by the forestry department said it burnt four hectares of private land with wild vegetation, shrubs and olive trees.

Twenty men from the forestry department, with six firefighting vehicles, eight men from the fire services with three fire trucks, two agricultural tractors, a digger and 20 volunteers dealt with the blaze.

At 11.50am on Sunday, the fire services were also notified about a fire in the Polemideia area north of Limassol general hospital.

Wild vegetation and dry grass in an area of two hectares was destroyed before the fire was brought under control an hour later with the help of two vehicles and an aircraft of the forest department.

Only 20 minutes after this fire started another one, this time in the Mandres area of Erimi village, broke out.

Two hours later, at 2.15pm, it was under control after burning 2.5 hectares of dry grass, shrubs and electrical wires.

The blaze, which was fought with four vehicles and two helicopters leased by the government may have been caused by the intentional burning of the wires.

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