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British bases launch civil enforcement initiative

A Multi-Agency Civil Enforcement (Mace) initiative was launched by the Sovereign Base Areas  last week, giving 52 trained officers the authority to act upon numerous civil violations.

Among the several enforcement options, officers are given the authority to issue Fixed Penalty Notices(FPN) to back any complaints, instead of direct prosecution.

The initiative allows the officers to deal with a variety of concerns and matters which ‘’have proven difficult to resolve and have a real impact on the quality of life on the communities in the SBAs,’’ officials said.

Katherine Bunch, the SBA policy officer, will be leading the initiative.

“One of our current priorities is ensuring that the beach restaurants within the Areas are operating lawfully and not endangering the public or the environment,’ she said.’

Officers will be called from a wide spectrum of different units from within the SBAs including the Police and Environment Departments, Customs and Fiscals, Headquarters staff and others depending on the situation and if it is assumed appropriate.

Bunch continued: “Investigating officers will be able to issue fixed penalty notices for certain offences within their agency’s area of expertise as well as other offences relating to these quality of life issues.”

“We are hoping to improve how the relevant agencies work together to tackle these issues, some of which have been around for a very long time.’’

To report any violation to the MACE team, people are urged to visit or a quicker and simpler way of reporting is calling the non-emergency number 1443 to inform the police who will in turn contact the relevant department

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