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Paid paternity leave kicks off

As of Tuesday, working fathers of newborns will be able to file for 15 days of paid paternity leave.

The bill on paternity leave was voted by parliament last month and is in effect as of August 1.

Eligible to apply are fathers who have paid contributions to the social insurance fund. Fathers whose children are not older than 16 weeks by August 1, 2017, are also eligible. Applicants have to inform their employers 15 days prior to the day they would like their leave to begin, while they must submit their application form to the labour ministry up to 21 days after their leave begins.

The paid paternity leave, must be used during the 16 weeks that maternity leave is in effect. It is payable for two consecutive weeks from the birth or adoption date. The social insurance fund will pay 72 per cent of the applicant’s weekly salary.

Applicants must present, among others, the baby’s birth certificate, as well as certificates of marriage or of co-habitation agreement.

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