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Victim of road accident awarded €500,000

A 28-year-old man, who lost his right leg and the sight from his right eye in a road accident in January 2017, received €0.5 million as settlement from the insurance company of the man who caused the accident, it emerged on Thursday.

According to local daily Alithia, the Limassol man had been riding his motorcycle when a car, driven by a 70-year-old man, cut him off.

The ensuing crash left the 28-year-old in a three-week coma, with severe injuries to his head and right leg.

Doctors concluded that the leg damage was irreparable and had to amputate it off just below the kneecap.

The man also lost sight in his right eye and required several operations to treat severe head injuries.

He was in hospital for a total 2.5 months, of which two were in intensive care.

Once released, he hired lawyer Michalis Neocleous to sue the 70-year-old’s insurer for damages.

The lawyer managed to secure an out-of-court settlement for his client to the tune of €0.5 million, since responsibility for causing the accident was laid squarely on the man who drove the car.

Payment was received earlier this week, following legal paperwork filed by Neocleous in March.

Speaking to the paper, the lawyer said his client comes from a working-class family, and was a labourer himself.

But since the accident, he added, he has been unable to work, so he tried to expedite proceedings.

“If the case had gone to court, it would have taken around six to eight years to get a ruling,” he said.

Neocleous referred to a similar case involving a man who lost his leg in a workplace accident, in which it took the courts 12 years to render a verdict.

“To its credit, the insurance company adopted a human stance and showed good will, resulting in the payment being processed within just four months,” he said.

This settlement, he added, was the single largest the insurance company has ever paid out, with the second-largest being €220,000.

In terms of settlements in general, however, Cyprus has seen even larger ones, with Alithia highlighting the case of a man involved in an accident while on his motorcycle, as a result of which he was diagnosed with nerve damage that rendered him unfit to work.

In that case, the insurance firm had settled for €1.1 million.

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