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Man claims doctors failed to spot glass in foot

The man posted a picture showing what he says is the shard of glass on facebook

A young man charged on Thursday that doctors treating him at Nicosia general hospital’s emergency department had failed to detect a shard of glass, which remained in his foot for over one and a half months.

Savvas Gregoriou, who posted his problem on Facebook, had injured his foot on July 11 after a glass picture frame fell on the floor.

He said he went to the emergency room where a female doctor sutured the wound without using anaesthetic. Gregoriou was told that a small swelling was probably caused by the impact and it would go away.

But the swelling was still there when he visited the hospital to have it checked. Again, he was told that it was an inflammation and it would gradually heal.

On Monday, “and after the swelling failed to heal, I decided to go to a private hospital,” he said. “I was x-rayed and the doctor told me there was a 99 per cent chance something was in there.”

He said he had surgery on Wednesday during which doctors were shocked to find a four-centimetre shard of glass.

Speaking on a lunchtime show on privately owned Ant1 television, the deputy director of the emergency department said he was trying to find the doctor to see what happened. He apologised to Gregoriou, adding that the health ministry would certainly give instructions for an inquiry into the affair.



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