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Party leaders’ assets, debts, salaries published

Disy leader Averof Neophytou said that foreign officials had Cyprus fatigue and were laughing at the notion of two states.

As far as party leaders go, Disy’s Averof Neophytou appeared to be the wealthiest in terms of hard assets, whereas Solidarity’s Eleni Theocharous is flush with cash, according to the capital statements of politicians and politically exposed persons published on Monday.

Ranking the MPs from richest to poorest is no straightforward task, as their portfolios vary wildly while the statements that some provided did not disclose in detail the value of their assets.

Neophytou declared his total immovable property as valued at €7.25 million, and he owned cars worth €15,000.

He did not declare any investments, but owned insurance contracts worth some €64,000.

At the same time, he was indebted to the tune of €1.39 million.

His deposits in banks came to a mere €854.

By contrast, Eleni Theocharous held deposits of €239,271. In addition, she owns immovable property, the value of which is not indicated regarding the majority of the land plots as these are declared as having been transferred to her by her late husband.

The land she previously owned on her own was valued at some €256,000. She also owns vehicles worth €24,000.

Eleni Theocharous collects a widow’s pension as well as multiple government pensions worth around €60,000 per year. Her annual salary as MEP came to €100,000

Theocharous declared no income from investments or shares. She collects a widow’s pension as well as multiple government pensions worth around €60,000 per year.

Her annual salary as MEP came to €100,000. Her total debts were €183,000.

Diko chief and MP Nicolas Papadopoulos held deposits of €15,000, while his immovable property was valued at €1.9 million, and owned cars worth €70,000.

Papadopoulos’ earnings from investments came to €29,750, and €341,000 from insurance contracts.

His income as MP was €82,975. Additionally, he declared income from rent at just under €23,000.

He did not report any debt.

Greens MP Giorgos Perdikis held €202,000 in bank deposits, while the immovable property he declared is worth €347,700. He owns cars jointly with his spouse worth €20,000.

Citizens Alliance head Giorgos Lillikas holds €11,900 in deposits, and the cars he owns are valued at €50,000.

According to his statement, he does not own shares in any corporation. However, the value of debentures and other securities held jointly with his spouse comes to €63,000. Lillikas also owns 800 securities in his name only, but their value is not disclosed.

The insurance contracts he holds are worth €81,720.

Lillikas also declared ‘other income’ of over €150,000 per annum. His debts totalled €597,985.

Edek leader Marinos Sizopoulos, a dermatologist by trade, declared deposits ‘less than €10,000’. His immovable property is worth €42,000.

The value of the vehicles he owns was stated at €206,000 — a Maserati GT, Mercedes SL350, and a Smart.

He declared debt from a private loan of ‘around €150,000’.

Akel’s Andros Kyprianou held no assets or investments. His bank deposits came to €14,833, and he owns a car worth €11,000.

His declared debt totalled €264,000. In addition, he is paying off a €28,900 student loan for his son.

ELAM leader Christos Christou held deposits of €1,429. Beyond his MP’s salary, he stated no income from shares or investments.

His debt totalled €38,153.

Meanwhile Diko MP Christiana Erotokritou declared immovable property worth €705,000. Her deposits in three different banks totalled €400,000.

The capital statements can be found on the parliament’s website:


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